Here’s a list of frequently asked questions related to our RFID hotel keycards. For more information, feel free to contact us at:-

• info@jskcards.com
• 1-410-349-1967

Are JSKcards products compatible with my locking system?

All of our Keycards, Wristbands and Key Fobs meet ISO 14333A international quality and manufacturer specs. All of JSKcards products are compatible with any locking systems that meet the same standard such as Kaba, Ilco, Saflok, Miwa, Salto and Onity.

What is the minimum order?

To get the best value, the minimum quantity is 2,000. However, JSKcards understands that smaller hotels may need to order a smaller quantity. We have a variety of ordering options to best suit each business’s needs.

How many colors are allowed on custom designs?

You have the option of up to 4 different print colors, front and back.

Can you keep my information and artwork on file for easy reorders?

Yes, we want to ensure that we provide you with the most efficient and cost effective ordering process; not just for your first order, but for all future orders as well. We keep all the information that is related to your order on our computer database.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

JSKcards is very committed to meet your delivery needs. We understand that it’s hard to sell rooms without keycards therefore, we keep 100,000+ of our Generic keycards in stock for same day shipping. For custom keycards, it takes 4-5 weeks once the artwork is approved. We ship worldwide.

What should I do if my keycards do not work properly?

JSKcards can easily guaranty their RFID and RFID accessory because they test the keycards in their facility and in your hotel(s) before an order is entered. However, if a problem occurs, just email or call and will remedy the situation immediately.

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